WebVR Brings Virtual Reality To The Chrome Browser

Google just launched WebVR to bring virtual reality to the masses.

The new WebVR Experiments website allows users to try out several virtual reality experiences with the Chrome browser and Cardboard or Daydream headset. Google has said that they want to make VR accessible to as many people a possible and making it available in a browser with a $15 headset like Cardboard is a step in that direction. They announced WebVR back in February and now it’s available. The site lets you experience many VR apps right in the browsers like The Musical Forest, Konterball, Under Neon Lights, Sonic Umbrella and many more. There is no separate app store or apps to download or purchase and anyone with access to Chrome can try the experiments, even in 2D if you don’t have a Cardboard or Daydream headset. WebVR Experiments will also soon support Oculus Rift and the HTV Vive headsets so those users will also have access to more VR experiences.

Google has also made each experiments source code available so developers can take a look under the hood which will help them develop VR experiences or apps on their own. Google is basically giving instructions to developers to push them into producing more VR apps. This will be key to the success of virtual reality as users need to have access to different apps in order to fully jump on board. The main issue with VR right now is that it’s not that accessible to the everyday user and there’s not a ton of apps that people would want to use everyday. Sure there’s the Daydream app store which is pretty impressive but it requires a Daydream headset and the user to proactively search for and download apps that are separate from normal smartphone apps. WebVR hopes to expose VR and build upon current VR products.