Multi-User Support Coming To Google Home

Google Home is adding multi-user support to it’s smart speaker.

The card above has started to appear in users Google Home app explaining that multi-user support is now supported in Google Home. However, it seems that the notice was accidentally released early or still in test phase because the linked account setting in the app still reads “the default Google Account is the account you used to set up Google Home. Currently, Google Home supports one Google Account per Google Home device.” It looks like multi-user support is coming soon but not immediately available.

Multi-User Support Coming To Google Home_1

It’s rumored that Google Home will be able to recognize different users voices and be able to access their version of Google Assistant to provide a personalized experience. Users will be able to access their settings, music playlists, shopping lists, calendar and more simply by speaking. We’re not sure if you will first have to ask Google Home to switch accounts first or if it will recognize that a different person is asking for something and switch accounts automatically. Either way, multi-user support is massively important in households that have multiple adults that want a more personalized experience when using the smart speaker. Multi-user support will also further differentiate this product from it’s rival Amazon Echo which seems to be lacking when it comes to further enhancements. Google is adding so many features, it’s hard not to be excited about having this piece of hardware in your home.