Allo Is About To Get It’s Long Awaited Desktop Client

Allo is about to gain a desktop client and it works just like Whatsapp desktop app.

Nick Fox, VP Communications Products, first teased the desktop version of Google Allo back in February saying “Still in early development, but coming to a desktop near you…” along with the screenshot of the product below. Since then, we haven’t heard much about the launch but when Allo version 9.0 arrived recently, a deep look into the APK found evidence that Allo desktop is in the works. 9to5Google even got the app the start the pairing process between the app and the desktop version of the app. It looks like Google will copy Whatsapp and allow users to scan a QR code in order to sync the apps together. It’s a pretty straightforward process and if you’ve used Whatsapp it will be super familiar.

Allo Is About To Get It's Long Awaited Desktop Client

It’s great that Allo will soon gain a web client but it seems a little too late for Allo to gain traction. I’m not sure why Google has been so slow to iterate versions of Google Allo since it essentially launched as a minimal viable product. Adding a desktop client that Whatsapp and Facebook messenger already have 7 months after launch seems weird. Why wasn’t this included at launch? The APK teardown also reveals that they are adding chat backups to Google Drive so you don’t lose all of your chats if you get a new phone. Again, not sure why this basic feature wasn’t included at launch rather than 7 months later. Most everyday users have already lost interest in Allo and have moved on with a more complete messenging app like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and even Google’s own Android Messages app.