Google Duo Is Rolling Out Audio Only Calling

Google Duo is currently rolling out audio only calling to worldwide users.

The new feature will allow users to call their friends and family without having to video chat. This can be a useful feature because it’s not always convenient or comfortable to video chat with someone. Audio only calling was a much asked about feature for the fledgling competitor to FaceTime and now it’s finally here. The rollout is a sign that Google is committed to Duo as a calling app and will continue to iterate on it’s initial features. While not the most groundbreaking app, Duo has managed to become pretty popular among smartphones users because it works across Android and iOS devices, unlike FaceTime which is limited to iOS. Amit Fulay, head of product for Allo and Duo,  made it official by tweeting out the news:

It seems Google will keep Allo and Duo separate for the time being which has it’s benefits but is also a bit frustrating for users. There was so much fanfare about these two apps before they were released and once they were launched, there was a general feeling of disappointment. While both apps are pretty cool on their own, they both lack essential features that are required to pull users out of other messenger apps. Duo is definitely the winner of the two because there’s not much to improve upon or advance when it comes video calling. However, Allo is such a flop that not even Google Assistant can save it. Google really needs to rethink Allo and give it at least a few of the standard features like a desktop app or the ability to not lose all of your chats if you get a new phone. I’m not sure that would even save it because it looks like SMS will not be added. It’s also becoming clear that Allo and Duo probably won’t merge so we’re stuck with two separate apps.