Android Is About To Become The World’s Most Used Operating System

Android is about to overtake Windows as the world’s most used operating system.

The web analytics firm, StatCounter, has just put out a chart that details the rise of Android and the fall of Windows over the last five years. It reveals that users are in fact moving away laptop and desktops PCS, where Windows dominates, to mobile devices where Google’s software dominates. “The idea of Android almost matching Windows would have been unthinkable five years ago,” said Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter.  “In January 2012 Windows held 82% global internet usage share compared to just 2.2% for Android.” It was also revealed that internet usage by phones and tablets actually exceeded internet usage by laptop and desktop computers in October of 2016. The trend has continued and now Windows has 38.6% of the market while Android is at 37.4% so it’s clear that Android will soon take over Windows.

Android Is About To Become The World's Most Used Operating System

The chart shows the steady increase in Android usage and this is a result of the aggressive strategy Google has in place for growth. They did the exact opposite of Apple and allowed 3rd party device manufacturers to use and customize their software while Apple has contained iOS to iPhones and iPads. The results of this is that Google’s growth is steadily increasing while Apple’s is pretty flat. This isn’t to say that Apple isn’t successful, they are and have insane profit margins on their phones and tablets. It just illustrates two different software strategies that have both been successful. It will also be interesting to see what Windows has in store for us over the next five years. They tried to launch a competitive mobile version of Windows but failed miserably. Do they just continue to focus of desktop and laptops or do they take another shot at mobile? It’s clear that Android is winning mobile and will continue to unless their competition comes up with a better strategy to compete.