Android App Revenue Will Surpass iOS This Year

Android is about to take over iOS in terms of revenue generated from apps.

The analytics firm App Annie has just released a report detailing that the combination of Google Play app revenue and third party Android app store revenue will surpass the revenue generated from the iOS App Store in 2017. It’s clear that the iOS App Store is the single most lucrative app store but Android will overtake Apple because they allow Android users to download apps via third party stores. This is particularly important in countries like China, Mexico, Brazil, and Indonesia which have different app stores. Tencent, Baidu, Xiaomi, Huawei, and others have third party app stores and App Annie is reporting that those app stores brought in $10 billion in revenue during 2016 and that number will double to $20 billion during this year.

Android App Revenue Will Surpass iOS This Year_1

The report added, “The iOS App Store is projected to remain the single most lucrative app store through the forecast period, generating more than $60 billion in gross consumer spend in 2021. However, the combined consumer spend on Google Play and third-party Android stores is expected to overtake it in 2017 thanks to their dominant smart device market share and strong installed base growth.” This is really interesting because although Android is a bit fragmented, users are able to access Android apps more easily than iOS apps because of these off brand app stores. China is a massive market and while Android is the most popular platform, Google Play isn’t been available there. Users have to get Android apps from Tencent’s Myapp, 360 Mobile Assistant, and Baidu Mobile Assistant. If Google Play can re-enter the market there, as they are working on with NetEase, these numbers will increase exponentially. App Annie is already predicting that Android will grow to $78 billion in 2021 compared to $60 billion for the iOS App store.