The Super Bowl Will Feature A Google Home Commercial

This Sunday’s Super Bowl will include a commercial for Google’s smart speaker Google Home.

Google usually doesn’t run Super Bowl commercials but they’ve decided to air a spot for Google Home due to the massive competition it has with Amazon Echo. Google Home was released back in November and features Google Assistant that can answer any question that comes to mind. It can also control smart home devices likes thermostats and lights and be linked to your TV via Chromecast. Amazon Echo was released first but Google Home does have distinct advantages including the Google Search knowledge graph at it’s disposal. Google Home and Google Pixel have both been advertised on TV more than other Google products but the Pixel has gotten more prominent spots recently. Google has really put together an impressive ad campaign for the Pixel and now it looks like it’s Home’s turn to shine in the biggest sported event of the year.

The last time Google aired a commercial during the Super Bowl, 2010’s Parisian Love commercial, it was widely praised so we do have high expectations here. Google has not yet announced or leaked the commercial they will air so we’re not sure yet if it will be an existing ad or a new ad specifically for the Super Bowl. We hope it’s a new commercial but there are a few existing ads that could work. The commercial above shows off what Google Home can do including turning on the lights when your hands are full, cranking the volume up on a song you love, giving you substitute ingredients for a dish your making, making a whale sound for your kids, telling you the weather forecast, translating a phrase into Spanish and dimming the lights for a surprise party. That’s a pretty impressive list of things that the smart assistant can handle and we’re sure Google will highlight Home’s many talents.