Mobile Live Streaming Is About To Explode On YouTube

YouTube is about to become a major player when it comes to mobile live streaming.

The video network has announced that it’s opening up it’s mobile live streaming for all users with at least 10,000 subscribers. It was previously released last year to a select few that had large followings but it’s now open to many more creators. Users can easily start a live stream by simply tapping the streaming button, adding a title and thumbnail then choosing whether to go live to all of your subscribers are to a select few for a more personalized experience. YouTube has also enabled their Super Chat feature which is a pretty innovative way for creators to earn from their live streams. Subscribers can live chat while the stream is happening and pay extra to have their comments appear towards the top of the chat window in a highlighted color. This is essentially a way for subscribers to promote their own channels with a promoted message and a way for streamers to earn additional revenue.

Google will stick to channels that have a relatively solid following but they will definitely open up mobile live streaming to all users soon. Facebook recently went live with streaming for all users and Google seemingly wants to have the same feature. They are increasingly in competition with Facebook for video views and adding live streaming for all users is key in keeping up with Facebook. Facebook was previously paying users to stream live but has halted that practice so there’s no real way to monetize your personal content. YouTube’s monetization strategy with Super Chats is a way to pull those user back to YouTube. Google is also focusing on VR and Live TV for YouTube which will continue to pull users into their ecosystem. YouTube is the king of web video and Google wants to remain innovative and forward thinking.