List And Share Your Favorite Places With Google Maps

Google just released an update to Google Maps that lets users list and share their favorite places.

The new update, available today, creates a way for users to keep track of places they like and a way for your friends to follow those lists. When you search for a specific places in the Google Maps app, there’s a new save icon that lets users save the place to a pre-made list or a custom list. The pre-made lists includes Favorites, Want to go and Shared places for quickly saving your likes. You can also create a custom list like New York Trip, Best Bars or whatever fits the need for the particular list of places. Each list can be viewed from the Your Places option in the left menu under the Saved tab. Once you open a list, it can be be made public so your friends can follow the list or shared via Gmail, Messenger or any other sharing tool. This new list feature helps Google compete more with the likes of Yelp and Foursquare.

Google has been adding a lot of new features to Google Maps like the ride sharing section and parking availability. The new addition of shareable lists is a great way to make Google Maps more social and personal. It’s no longer just a map and navigation app, it’s that plus Uber, Yelp and Foursquare. We’re curious if they’ll keep adding social features to continue to push into the social network space. I’m not sure if adding a messenging tool for users would be useful but one can see that as a possibility. Google has been making they’re non-social apps more social like YouTube that recently added mobile live streaming and a messenging tool between users that lets them chat and share videos within the app. Google doesn’t have a social network like Facebook or Twitter so maybe their trying to compete by making they’re utility apps more social.