Google’s Chrome Browser Just Made Virtual Reality Websites Possible

Google’s chrome browser now supports virtual reality websites with the addition of WebVR.

The popular browser was just updated to include WebVR which essentially allows any website to provide a virtual reality experience to the user no matter what device they’re using. The optimal VR experience is of course achieved through a Daydream ready phone and the Daydream View headset and the addition of WebVR makes browsing in Chrome much more exciting. Users on a desktop or laptop computer can also experience VR right in the chrome browser. The experience is obviously less immersive but it’s still very cool. There are a few sites that have already enable WebVR including Within, Matterport, Bear 71, Sketchfab, PlayCanvas, A-Frame and Vizor so anyone using Chrome can experience VR. On a desktop or laptop, the experience is more like Google Street View which gives users the ability to explore their surroundings by using the mouse or keyboard to pivot your point of view.

Google's Chrome Browser Just Made Virtual Reality Websites Possible

One can see many applications of WebVR including real estate and virtual tours. Imagine looking for a house and being able to essentially walk through the house without having to physically go to the house. It’s great that the Daydream Headset is not necessarily required to get a VR experience but once users get to see a sample of what VR can be, we’re sure they’ll want the full immersive experience via Daydream. Getting as many users as possible to get a taste of VR is a good stagtegy if Google wants to be the leader in the mobile VR space. The Daydream app store is a product that Google wants to be a revenue generator and enabling WebVR further exposes users to the benefits of VR. I think that VR will be a huge win for Google over the next several years due to their aggressive and mutli-pronged approach the virtual reality.